Dear 16/20 year old self

I know that some of you may already have practiced this but some of you may not have. So, if you could write a letter to you younger self and give it to you, what would it say? This would be my letter:

Dear 16 year old self,

Alexandria slow down silly girl, you are doing just fine. You are working too hard and you are burning yourself out. You have too much on your plate; you are currently biting off more than you can chew. You are working so hard to prove to people that you are/ will be worth it. However, you are trying to prove it to all the wrong people. These people already know your worth and love you. You need to take a break and breathe. As far as relationships, the boy that you are madly in love with is going to need some time to find himself and his place. It has nothing to do with you, he loves you he is just having a very hard time. When he is ready he will comeback to you rest assured. And when he does the two of you will have a stronger bond. The two of you will be exactly where you had hoped, and need to be. For the moment you need a minute to yourself to wipe your own tears and get yourself together.

Dear 20 year old self,(present)

You are a beautiful young lady. I see that you have practiced very hard on your confidence. And if no one else is proud of everything that you have done, then let me the first to say that I am proud of you. You have scarified a part of your future for the well being of your family, and while you were at it you got the love of your life back by having faith. You are a very selfless person and you do have a heart of gold, don’t be  so modest. Other people can see it and you have changed for the better. and right now you have a new found determination and you are doing what you need to do.I know that the future once again may seem blurry but continue to make decisions with your heart while taking your intuition with you, it has never led you astray.

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Im back

Hi my lovely peoples!  I am back and will be uploading more material on my site, I am still currently working on my manga and going to work, and that my friends, is why I have been absent. Let me know what you think of my new stuff!

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Self Love

If you read part one  here is part two. Also I just wanted to add that depression is real and it hurts you mentally, emotionally and physically you are just exhausted of all activities. If you know someone with depression do not blame the victim, do not tell them to get over it or there are people with worse problems; because they know that and it doesn’t make it go away, it makes it worse. You should include them activities, or do things that person like. Remind them that it will get better. If they wish to talk do not give your opinion unless it is asked for, instead just listen. It makes all the difference in the world.



I wrote this a while back when I had became depressed around two or three years ago. I never throw away my poems so when My husband was looking through my poetry book  he uncovered it and suggested that I upload it because it really touched him. So here is part I. Let me know in the comment section what you think or your experiences with depression. I beat depression and so can you!textgram_1486208893

Sometimes there are no words to describe one’s broken heartedness. At times there are no words of comfort that can ease the mind nor heart.


The Warriors

There is something special about every individual, however, there is something I find people with a brokenness more beautiful or unique. It’s the way that they carry themselves. Constantly on the borderline between being ok today and going through a break down. These are the true warriors in my eyes. They might not believe or even see it but they are being courageous. When They are left alone at night when the mind starts to wander and drift into dangerous territories. They try their absolute hardest to push those manipulative voices out of existence and fight for another day. I not only find it beautiful, I also find it inspiring. Here are the ones that feels as if they can never get past a situation(s), believe that there will never be a place for them in this world, or “realizing” that he/she will never reach their full potential and it’s all hopeless, but yet and still they try again another day. I wish with all of my heart that I could protect their frailness from collapsing. Society may try to shape and mold you, but you should never forget who you are and all that you made of. Take all of your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths and continue to fight on.

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Hi you guys I do apologize for not uploading poems or short stories. However, if you follow me on wattpad these short stories that you liked will become longer. Feel free to send a request of which one you all would like for me to continue on. So far prompt number 9 will be continued to a longer story. so far I have put the short story for here as a prologue on wattpad. I think that is way I’ll do this. I will turn these short stories into chapter stories on wattpad. Look for me there and follow me please my username is aalex2014-17. Thank you guys!




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